News and Events

News and Events

TBC Update - 15 September 2017

Building Demolished

The demolition of the TBC building is now complete with the site leveled.

TBC Update - 26 August 2017


You may have noticed that the building is only one third demolished. Why you might ask? It is because there may still be power to the block which needs to be removed prior to the completion of the job. Stay tuned for more information as it comes to hand.

TBC Update - 7 August 2017

Some new information can be found on the "TBCers" page including:

  • The Next Steps Nomination Form;
  • The Afternoon Tea Roster;
  • The updated Worship Team Roster; and
  • Minutes of the Worship Team Meeting held on 2 August 2017.

TBC Update - 27 July 2017

Minutes of the TBC Forum on 23 July can be found on the "TBCers" page.

TBC Update - 19 July 2017

The Pastors, Elders and Ministry Leaders met last night and the following is a brief update:

  • Nothing further to report about the building at this stage;
  • The op-shop, community lunches and coffee shop ministries remain on hold;
  • The new prayer ministry will be commencing on Sunday August 6 from 1:00pm prior to the worship service, the theme is "waiting on God", join us in prayer for 5 minutes, 15 minutes or half an hour. Whatever suits; and
  • Please feel free to hang around for the forum this Sunday as this is another way we can communicate and connect.
Finally, we gratefully continue accept Eternity’s invitation to worship in their building and hope to do so for the foreseeable future, it’s important that we continue to worship and fellowship together as we focus on communication and connection. We warmly welcome and invite you to continue to join us from 2pm, feel free to bring someone along. We hope to see you then.

TBC Update - 12 July 2017

The Elders and Pastors met last night and we want to share the following information with you as a result of this meeting:

  • We haven't been informed yet as to what date the demolition is likely to commence but we will continue to keep you in the loop;
  • We will continue to meet at Eternity Church as will the Brigades who will commence for third term from next week;
  • We will soon have a "teardrop" banner outside the Eternity Church building advertising TBC. There will also be a sign giving directions to Eternity Church incorporated into the existing TBC sign at Jenke Cct;
  • The Elders will continue to meet weekly for a time;
  • We will provide a space for regular weekly prayer meetings at Eternity commencing at 1pm from Sunday 6 August, feel free to join anytime between 1.00pm and 1.40pm;
  • The Bible discussion and study groups will continue; and
  • Our Kids ministries are about to kick off again.
Our vision remains "to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known" and this must never change; our current mission is to Communicate and Connect. Together, we have an amazing opportunity to show “the world” how we recover from the fire with love, unity and determination.
Finally, why wouldn’t we want to meet together for worship at 2:00 pm on Sunday’s?
The TBC leadership

TBC Update - 6 July 2017

Please find this week’s communication, we will also print a limited number available from the news stand at the entrance to TBC at Eternity :

  • Police have reported that investigations are ongoing as arson is the most likely cause of the fire to the TBC building;
  • The demolition will go ahead at some point in the near future, we will keep you informed as best we can;
  • The 2 containers will remain on site but moved away from the building and they will need some degree of emptying, there will be a working bee opportunity at some point in the near future for those who are able/available;
  • TBC bulletins will be emailed out / printed / uploaded to the 'TBCers' page once per fortnight for a time; and
  • The elders will continue to meet weekly for the immediate future, should you have anything to share with the elders, please contact one of us.
Our main theme remains "Communicate and Connect" and we encourage you to participate where possible. We look forward to worshiping and fellowshipping with you from 2:00 pm on Sundays at Eternity Church 490 Sulwood Drive Kambah.

TBC Update - 29 June 2017

We believe that it's important to "communicate and connect", as a result, it's important that we keep you in the loop. We want to share several points with you:

  • We have not received the final report as to the cause of the fire;
  • The demolition could occur at any time during the month of July and we will do all that we can to communicate the date/time to you;
  • The Elders are planning to meet every week and we will have regular (probably monthly) information sessions after worship on Sundays.
Importantly, we will continue to meet for worship together at Eternity church in the foreseeable future, we ask you to continue to make this time a priority, especially as we seek God's plan for us as we face an exciting "rebuilding and strengthening" time. We are meeting at 2:00 pm in a well heated building and look forward to meeting with you.

We thank you for your continued support and kindness during this time.
The eldership of TBC.

TBC Fire

The Tuggeranong Baptist Church building was destroyed by fire on Saturday Morning, 17 June 2017.

As a result, Tuggeranong Baptist Church is meeting Sunday Afternoons at 2:00pm at Eternity Church, 490 Sulwood Drive.


The leadership and people of Tuggeranong Baptist Church extend their gratitude to the fellowship of Eternity Church for their hospitality and support at this time.

We would also like to extend thanks to the miriad of others for the kind messages and offers of support. The people of TBC have been greatly blessed at this difficult time.

Tuggeranong Baptist Church

TBC after fire

Eternity Church

TBC after fire

Community of Servers