Infant Dedication

Dedication of babies and infants is a high point in the life of the Tuggeranong Baptist Church when we give thanks to God for His precious gifts.

Read more in the attachment.


Believer's Baptism

Baptism is a public declaration of faith

It is a symbolic public act that a person is participating in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection and openly identifying with the Kingdom of God with Christ as Lord.

Open the PDF for a full details.

Open the Video for an explanation of Believers' Baptism as part of the Baptism service held on 4 February 2024.

Other public declarations of faith

At TBC, we recognise other forms of public declaration of faith, for example, confirmation. People who have undertaken these forms are not excluded from communion, membership, leadership or service in the church.


Church Database - Recording your Personal Details - Adding you to our official Mailing List

We invite each person who makes TBC their spiritual home to be included in the church fellowship database.

The database provides us with information about you that support effective pastoral care, ministry planning and communication. The information is more detailed than are captured when you create your own website/app account.

Open the attached documents to read more about the database, your privacy and to complete and submit a request to be added to place yourself under the spiritual/pastoral care of the Eldership of the church and to receive regular communications from the church that may not be published in our app or on our website.


National Church Life Survey 2021 - Summary Profile for Tuggeranong Baptist Church

The Tuggeranong Baptist Church Summary Profile is attached.

A full Church Life Profile will be provided that will contain comprehensive results with comparisons to other benchmarks.




Church Membership brings with it responsibility for the orderly conduct of the affairs of the church. Tuggeranong Baptist Church is an incorporated body. Church membership is automatically membership of the Incorporation. Members enjoy the same pastoral care and serving opportunities as the rest of the Fellowship. The ACT’s Incorporation Act requires that we maintain an up-to-date register of members.

Criteria for membership are listed in Clause 10 of our Constitution (Rules of Incorporation).

Open PDF to read more


Volunteer training - Safe Church Induction - Videos and Powerpoint presentations

Part 1 - Our Induction Videos : introduces the Safe Church concept and the videos including in the training package.. (Run time: 5 mins)

Part 2 - Safe Church Policy introduces Tuggeranong Baptist Church's Safe Church policies and processes to enable us to implement the 10 Child Safe Standards identified by the Commonwealth government in response the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and endorsed by the ACT Government. (Run time: 5 mins 42 secs).

Procedures and documents that implement the Safe Church Policy are:

Procedure for Staff and Volunteers - explains how we recruit, screen, induct, train and resource staff and volunteers and record keeping requirements.

Procedure for Conflict Resolution - explains the procedure for resolving conflict between two or more staff, volunteers, members or attenders of the church in a pastoral and restorative manner rather than through a formal complaint handling procedure.

Procedure for handling complaints against staff and volunteers - sets out a procedure by which a complaint or information relating to a serious breach of the Code of Conduct can be received, investigated and resolved.

Procedure for Responding to Child Protection Concerns - sets out a procedure to follow when a complaint or information about any form of child protection concern is received.

Ministry Screen Questionnaire - asks personal questions to assist the church, its staff and volunteers to meet the obligations of the Child Safe Standards.

Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers - as part of our commitment to create safe spaces at the church, staff and volunteers are required to agree with, sign and abide by the Code of Conduct.

Guidelines for activities with children and young people to be read and followed by all volunteers in ministries and teams directly connected with children and young people.

Part 3 - WHS at the Garratt St Centre (Managing Risk) - introduces the health and safety systems at the Garratt St Centre. Leaders and volunteers are required to manage risk to minimise the incidence of hazards and need to be familiar with the emergency and other systems as it is possible that you may be part of a group meeting at the centre when such an occasion arises - so you need to know what to do. {Under construction - coming soon}

Part 4 - A new process - Understanding the Volunteering Process explains the process and what we is required of us so that we can continue or begin to volunteer at Tuggeranong Baptist Church. Introduces the Screening Questionnaire and Code of Conduct. (Run Time 13mins 14 secs)

Part 5 - Safe Church documentation An overview of some of the documentation and who to go to in various situations. The relevant PPT presentation provides more detail.


Safe use of Equipment - Instructions and Safety Tips

We value our volunteers health and wellbeing, as much as we are able, we provide them with quality equipment that minimises the risk of injury and the time that it takes to perform the tasks.

We aim to equip each of our self-contained spaces with its own cleaning equipment so that users of the space can easily do a quick clean when their activity finishes.

On our major cleaning days, multiple users with multiple gear complete the task much quicker.

We also wish to maintain a high level of care of the building so avoid the use of harsh cleaning methods or chemicals.

The attached PDFs provide instructions and safety tips that may be useful in maintaining the church property:

Karcher Pressure Washer Safety tips for use of pressure washers as injuries to feet, hands and eyes are high risk. The tip sheets includes images of serious injuries that can occur.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Cleaner This machine vacuums and washes the floor in one pass. It enables floors to be washed without using heavy buckets of water and in this way minimises the risk of back injury or spilling water that can result in volunteers slipping. This cleaner is recommended for large hard floor areas in kitchens on both levels and the hard floor areas in each of the Kids Space, Training Room, Seminar Room and Community Room.

This cleaner can also be used on wet spills.

Ozito Wet & Dry Vacuum: We use this vacuum cleaner on all of the staircases, the foyers and the tiled verandahs and toilets. It can be used, after changing filters, removing bags and connecting to the relevant connector. Click on PDF for guide to use.

Karcher Window Vac: The kit includes an applicator for window cleaning detergent

Anko Steam Mop: Used to steam floors in Foyers, Toilets, kitchens and may also be used hard floor areas in each of the Kids Space, Training Room, Seminar Room and Community Room. After use the pads should be washed in warm soapy water, rinsed and air dried.

Bosch Athlet 25.2V Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner: This stick vacuum, stored near the Auditorium is ideal for quick clean-ups of crumbs and other spot cleans after Sunday services. It will run for 1 hour on its lowest setting and is suitable for hard surfaces as well as carpet.

Dyson upright vacuum cleaner: This vacuum is stored in the Board Room and can easily be used after acivities in the Seminar and Board Rooms and the Administration area.

Electrolux cyclinder vacuum cleaner: Storied in the Community Room and for use in that room.

Electrolux cylinder vacuum cleaner: Stored in the Op Shop for use in the shop

Bestway Lay-Z Spa Riviera User Manual: Check with Administration Manager.



Send an enquiry if you wish to have a Word version of the form sent to you. Otherwise, print PDF, complete, scan and forward to


Volunteering Process and Forms

These forms support our Safe Church - Procedure for Staff and Volunteers and are aligned to our system for Volunteering at Tuggeranong Baptist Church.

In addition to meeting the Safe Church requirements, our forms also align with the Network system of identifying the right person to place in the right position at the right time.

The Process (open the PDF for full explanation)

- Expression of Interest

- Induction and Forms - Screening Questionnaire and Code of Conduct

- Interview - Specific ministry/role application form

- Specific Ministry Induction

- Creating Safe Spaces Training - On line module to be completed before serving and workshop within 4 months of commencement of service.