Church Revitalisation

The Baptist Association of Churches in NSW & ACT is currently prayerfully pursuing a goal to become a movement of 1000 healthy Baptist churches in the next generation—primarily through revitalisation, evangelism and church planting (Greater Together P6)

Consultants from the Baptist Association of NSW & ACT Church Health team will meet with our church on Sunday 17 February from 10am - 12noon.

Revitalisation, no matter how capable a church is, can make a good thing even better and continue to transform churches of all shapes and sizes into thriving healthy communites.

1. The Church Health team will work with us to determine where we sit on the where in the congregational life cycle our church is located: Different churches will take different lengths of time to get to the same point in the life cycle although there is some evidence that worldwide the typical lifespan of a church, if they are left tofollow their own path, is about 30 to 40 years. The great news is that churches can choose not to just drift along but intentionally take action to “re-launch” themselves into a growth phase. This happens when a church takes appropriate action to interrupt the tendency to move into decline and eventually death. It is what we often call Church “Revitalisation”.

2. They will outline responses to location which, when embraced, have led to church revitalisation. Quotes are from their website. Read more: