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Baptist World Aid Australia has launched a COVID19 Global Emergency Appeal.  Imagine what it would be like to face the COVID19 situation without access to essential medical services or soap or clean water, and in the case of some of the places BWAA is at work such as refugee camps, little capacity to practice social distancing.  You can be part of the response by giving to this appeal – visit for further information.


Ian Reid - update 16 April 2020

Choose Faith Not Fear - Nicky Gumbel

Nicky Gumbel Biography

Nicky Gumbel is a Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton in the Diocese of London, Church of England. He is an Anglican priest and author in the evangelical and charismatic traditions. His birth name is Nicholas Glyn Paul Gumbel.

Gumbel is a writer of a number of best-selling books including Questions of Life, The Jesus Lifestyle, Searching Issues and A Life Worth Living. Nicky is the author of the free Bible reading app Bible in One Year

Nicky was born on 28 April 1955 in London, England. Gumbel succeeded Sandy Millar. He is the son of Walter Gumbel and Muriel Gumbel. His parents were barristers.

Nicky was educated at Eton College. Gumbel studied at Trinity College, Cambridge. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in 1976. Gumbel too became a barrister after completing his Master of Arts (MA) degree. He left the bar in 1982 to train for ordination in the Church of England.

He did his theological studies at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford between 1983 and 1986.

Nicky joined Holy Trinity Brompton as curate to Vicar Sandy Millar in 1986. In 2005 Nicky became Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton succeeding Bishop Sandy Millar. Besides Alpha course, a wide diversity of Christian work is now running from Holy Trinity Brompton(HTB) including The Marriage Courses and St Paul’s Theological Centre.