Christianity – it’s making our lives better, but we’re still captive to consumerism!

Consumed has just launched a report on the consumer habits of Australians. This research project, completed by McCrindle, shows that Australians realise there is an issue with their consumption - 54% of Australians want to change their consumption habits. But there is a gap between knowledge and action - only 31% believe they are likely to make any changes to their consumption habits in the next 12 months.

Not only does this research look at consumerism in Australia generally, but it also looks at consumerism amongst Christians who attend church regularly. It is probably no surprise to you that we have a problem with consumption in society and in the church. Only 58% of regular churchgoers associate the good life with living out their faith and people in church seem to have just as much trouble translating beliefs about consumerism into behavioral change. Consumerism is difficult and complex.

The McCrindle report and infographic are for free here: