Prayer letter 13 August 2019    

         Our vision is “to know Christ and to make Him known”. (Matthew 28:19-20).


Praise points:

·         God continues to guide us every step of the way, clearing our paths as we move toward building ownership.


·         Pray for Ian as He guides us into a closer relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Special requests:

·         Pray for more rain in the areas of drought.

·         Pray for at least 1 fellow worshipper and 1 seeker today.


·         Pray that God will encourage us, His Church, to become a little more like Jesus here in Canberra.

Something to ponder:

First, I wanted to know of God and then about God; now my quest is to know God. How can I do this without spending time with Him? Lord, draw me closer please.


Psalm 119:
57 You are my portion, Lord;
    I have promised to obey your words.
58 I have sought your face with all my heart;
    be gracious to me according to your promise.