About Tuggeranong Baptist Church


Please read our Handbook for more information.

Exalt God

~ CONDUCT gatherings that glorify God as we declare his works with thanksgiving and praise.

~ BRING a sacrifice of praise that makes a way for God to move against the works of the enemy. (Ps 149)

~ OFFER our everyday lives as a living sacrifice.

~ PLAN and conduct services with the intention of connecting people with God and the flow of His grace.

~ PROVIDE opportunities for God's people to humble themselves, pray and seek His face. (2 Chron 7:14)

Expect God to Build His Church

~ BELIEVE the authority of God's Word when we pray.

~ SEEK to continually renew our individual and corporate lives in repentance and faith.

~ RESIST the temptation to ursurp God's role and try to operate through our own understanding, might and power.

Establish the People of God

~ BRING each believer to the assurance of their faith and understanding of their position of authority in Christ.

~ PROVIDE resources to help establish new disciples in the practices of - worship, fellowship, prayer, Bible study, giving, building of Christian character and mission.

Encourage one another

~ BUILD ourselves up in our faith (Jude v.20)

~ ENCOURAGE and teach each other as we sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude. (Col 3:16)

~ SHARE our experiences of God's goodness and what we have with each other.

~ PRAY for one another. Rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn.

~ PROVIDE inspiration and practical tools for maintaining the priority of prayer.

Equip for the work of the ministry

~ MAKE disciples through, education, identification of gifts, coaching and mentoring.

~ PROVIDE financial and prayer support for overseas and local mission commitments.

~ RESOURCE TBC ministries in terms of people and equipment.

Extend the Kingdom of God

~ INDIVIDUAL OPPORTUNITIES in the church and our homes, at school, work and in social settings.

~ CORPORATE OPPORTUNITIES in local and overseas missions.

~ PRAYER OPPORTUNITIES as individuals and corporately.

~ FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITIES for the poor and various ministries.

~ SERVING OPPORTUNITIES to imitate Jesus and continue His work.