Understanding Congregational Government in the 21st Century - Dr Brian Winslade, National Director Baptist Union of Australia

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‘Love’ is the attribute of Jesus that Australians connect with the most. This is consistent across: 73% - regular church attenders; 62% - Australians identifying with Christianity who never go to church; 56% - non-Christians who are warm to Christianity; 21% - non-Christians who are cold to Christianity

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For thousands of years now missionaries have been willing to undertake thankless tasks in overlooked corners of the planet, serving unknown people for no material reward, often with little discernible effect. Are you willing to be numbered among them? Am I? Because our dear mother-sister in the lavender cardigan is doing it right now. And humanity is built on such as these.

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I live in Australia where it’s usually assumed we’re all largely apathetic about traditional religion in general and the Christian church in particular. Maybe that’s because we’ve never had a civil war, or fought off an enemy land invasion ...

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I’m no music critic, which will be immediately apparent as you read this meditation on Leonard Cohen’s new album. I’m a longtime fan. And I strive, with varying degrees of success, to be a spiritual man. I admit that being both those things makes me biased when it comes to this exquisite new album.

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