28 August, 2020

CAP Money Course run under COVID Safe conditions - 26 July and 8 August 2020

The last CAP Money Course was conducted in two parts on 26 July and 8 August 2020 in the Community Room at The Garratt Street Centre with COVID Safety measures in place.

Robert Ardill, Lead Money Coach at Tuggeranong Baptist Church, reported that:

- Eight people registered and seven attended the CAP Money course on Saturday 8 August.

- Overall a very good group for discussion and sharing.

- We socially distanced and everyone brought their own food and drink and pens and pencils etc.

- All the materials handed out were distributed with gloved hands….surfaces wiped after finishing the course.

Comments from some of the Delegates who attended.:

- Thanks Coaches, that is a good course.

- I also heard a few good tips during the sessions and am inspired to check on a few things in my own budget.

- I had a good time at the Money Management course, as I did last time I took it. I think, for this course it was very helpful for me to do it twice. Just to get my head around the concepts. I think you are all very professional and very helpful people and I have at least one friend that I am sure will take your course.

14 August, 2020

6 Words that can change your life - teaching series August 2020

Learn how these six words can change your life. Join with us in August 2020 or listen to the series at any time.

YES 2 Corinthians 1:18-20 August 9

NO Luke 4:1-13 August 16

ENOUGH Luke 19:1-9 August 23

HELP John 2:1-11 August 30

SORRY Acts 5:1-11 September 6

THANKS John 6:5-13 September 13

14 August, 2020

Safe arrival of Olivia Grace Lloyd

Congratulations to Jenn and Daniel on the arrival of Olivia Grace at 9:05 am on Wednesday 22 July 2020.

She is blessed with red hair, like her dad, at birth, weighed 3.01 kg and was 47cm long (6lb 10 oz and 18.5 inches -in the old measurements that some of us still understand better). Jenn and Olivia are both doing well.